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Hello! As seen on MetaMC Live Christmas 2021 Event, we have announced and released MetaLauncher.Here you can download it for free! Cross platform executable (You need to install Java 17 to use it)Windows executable: soon™️macOS executable: soon™️Linux executable: soon™️Source code Java 17 downloadsWindows x86 [8.1 or higher]Windows x64 [8.1 or higher]macOS x64 (Intel) [10.14 or higher]macOS aarch64 (M1) [11 or higher]Other OSes Provided JDK downloads are made by Adoptium.
about 1 month ago
Hello! The server has finally been updated to support Bedrock 1.17.30! But sadly, we had to drop support for Bedrock 1.17.As of now anybody from Bedrock 1.17.10/11 - 1.17.30 and Java 1.8 - 1.17.1 can join the server! Because of the long downtime that was caused by the server management software that during an update was bricked, you can claim free 2500 coins until October 2nd, 2021! Click here!
4 months ago
Hello! Today is a pretty exciting day because you can now apply for becoming a builder on the server!Click here! Feel free to apply but remember that there some requirements.Open the spoiler to read them. Spoiler 1. You must be over the age of 13 to apply.2. You must have a Discord account to apply.3. Even if you will be a builder, you still cannot break the rules!4. If you are going to be pretty inactive, you will be demoted. Have a nice day playing on the server!
5 months ago
Hello!Just a quick update about the server. Bedrock 1.17.10 just came out an hour ago and before you would ask it... Yes, we support it.
7 months ago
Hello!Just a quick update about the server. Java 1.17.1 just came out and before you would ask any questionsYes, we support it.
7 months ago