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What are the rules of the Minecraft server?
Started by Mr.Zomka

Do NOT impersonate any player or a member of staff!

Cheating WILL get you banned!

Modifying or abusing your mouse to get more CPS is NOT allowed. (Drag clicking and butterfly clicking doesn't count but there is a risk of getting banned for it)

Do NOT spam or use excessive caps in chat!

Swearing is NOT allowed!

Hate speech is strictly PROHIBITED!

Advertising is NOT allowed!

Do NOT attack the server! (ex. DDoS attacks, lag machines/farm)

Do NOT grief anybody on SkyBlock!

Exploiting the server is strictly FORBIDDEN! (This includes bug usage, bypassing the chat filter, bypassing the Anti-VPN system.)

Kill abuse is NOT allowed!

Bypassing server punishments is strictly FORBIDDEN!

Inappropriate nicknames, skins, and capes (including OptiFine capes) are NOT allowed.

Your IP can be in logs until the logs would be pruned.

Your IP might be used by our security software.

Your IP might be seen by our staff. (FYI, the staff team won't leak your IP)

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